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One of the best performance artists in the country, Reuben’s extraordinary voice and charismatic stage presence has made him a must see performer in today’s live music arena. Best known for the recent release of his highly acclaimed debut album “About Time”, which became Radio 2 Album Of The Week, followed up by the sublime single “ASAP”, which also became Radio 2 Single Of The Week.  Reuben went on to achieve his highest accolade when he was awarded ‘Best Soul Singer 2016’ presented by Jools Holland. Look out for ‘Reuben James Richards’ & his new, exciting cutting edge outfit ‘Souled Out’ – fast becoming one of the most celebrated bands on the International and UK circuits 

Reuben James Richards was born in the Caribbean and has lived in the UK since 1970.  For more than thirty years, he has forged a successful career in the music industry, performing at festivals, concert halls and large venues across the World. Reuben is a private man behind the scenes – but once he hits the stage, his soul intention is to entertain with his powerful, emotive performance and sublime vocals. Likened by Blues Matters Magazine to other great performers Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and Otis Redding, he has a rich track record as a versatile performer and is, as described by Blues In Britain magazine, ‘an amazing frontman and vocalist’.

During the mid 1990’s, Reuben James Richards (then known as Reuben James) released what many believe now to be the greatest ever soul track recorded in the UK, “Hold on My Heart”. Described at the time by the late legendary producer, Jerry Wexler, as one of the greatest voices he had heard in a decade, the teaming of Reuben with the original Muscle Shoals brass section together with Rhodes, Chalmers and Rhodes on backing vocals, created a single which captured the very essence of authentic Southern Soul.

The album was recorded at The Grange Studios in Norfolk produced and engineered by one of the UK’s best producer, engineer and songwriter Dave Williams.  The album also features brand new recordings, with a remix of the original single, “Hold On My Heart”  Reuben is joined on the album by top musicians from the UK and USA, including again Muscle Shoals, Memphis, New Orleans and Nashville.

Reuben’s has an impressive résumé. As a versatile singer he has performed at prestigious venues and festivals across the UK, Europe, and in the United States – to include the classy and ever popular Boisdales venues where Jools Holland presides over a host of top international musical acts.  With the recent resurgence in Soul music and an ongoing appreciation from a new breed of the media of Reuben’s great talent, the album “About Time” was finally released.

The credits from Press and Radio below are a real testament to his achievements:

Acknowledged on BBC Music: 

“ASAP” from the album “About Time”: 

“Sweet Soul Music”: 

Press quotes: REUBEN JAMES RICHARDS “About Time” album 

Sunday Times “He is a disciple of the venerable Stax/Muscle Shoals tradition of R&B. There’s plenty to admire in these performances” 

Independent on Sunday “Richards has a crunchy, scrunchy sub-Otis bawl that would have sounded dandy in front of the MG’s or the Memphis Rhythm Section” 

Uncut “The influence of Ray Charles and Otis Redding oozes from every note on a warmly authentic set of gospel-tinged blues, soul & R’n’B songs”

The Independent “Stuffed with rolling grooves, full-fat horn sections and slippery, Cropper-esque guitar lines”

The Guardian “An exercise in classy retro-soul. Musicians include Charlie Chalmers, whose sax work once backed Wilson Pickett & Aretha Franklin. And as for Richards, he’s equally impressive on the driving & brassy “ASAP”, a keyboard-backed ballad, “Let Me Be the One”, or the slow, powerful remix of “Hold on My Heart” 

Mail on Sunday “About Time” strives successfully for a Stax-derived southern soul sound, abetted by musicians including a pair of Al Green’s backing singers” 

Mojo “Otis-like phrasing works well” 

Blues & Soul Mag. “There’s major players from Muscle Shoals, Memphis, New Orleans & Nashville all over this retro soul fabulousness – which will give Leon Bridges a run for his money”. 5***** Album of the Month 

Music Week “When placed alongside some of the soul greats Reuben’s voice & the album’s production & song writing hold up very well”

The Blues Mag. review “To say this album is Stax-drenched would be an understatement” 

The Blues Mag. “About Time is blues & soul for the 21st Century & it sure leaves you feeling good” “About Time” is like heaven sent to all aficionados of southern and deep soul”

In the Basement “For an upbeat throwback to pure 60’s Atlantic/Stax, look no further”

Classic Rock Mag. “Reuben’s world-class vocal hasn’t lost a lick of soul. ‘We’ll Always Be Together’ and ‘A.S.A.P.’ fizz with a joy that can’t be faked, helped out by brass money-licks that evoke a great lost Muscle Shoals session – not bad, considering it was tracked in Norfolk”. Echoes “Uplifting songs backed by a big, vibrant band ….the lead singers’ voice , strong, deep, multigrained & emotive, carrying on the Southern soul tradition of late greats such as James Carr & Mighty Sam. 

R2 Mag. 4**** “A tangible feeling of real class” 

Blues & Rhythm “As soon as you hear the ringing, blues-toned guitar intro & Reuben’s voice intoning ‘It’s over now, it’s in the past’ you know that you’re in for a heavyweight soul ballad, ‘Only Guilty of Loving You’ doesn’t disappoint. This deserves to be the record which moves RJR up to the next level”

Blues in Britain “Reuben’s voice runs from breaking & emotional to Pickettesque power, & positively shines” 

Record Collector “The 10 songs provide the perfect platform for Richards’ voice; equal parts Otis, Soloman Burke & Wilson Pickett” 

Blues Matters “With a horn section that blow up a storm – one for the Soul lovers for sure!” 

Radio quotes: REUBEN JAMES RICHARDS “About Time” album 

BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright “” We’re loving this so much we’re dancing in the studio – superb”.

BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce “That’s a great album, we think he’s excellent” 

BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans “This is just great…here’s the super cool RJR…loving that” 

BBC Radio 2 Alex Lester – “This is excellent…top stuff” 

BBC Radio 2 Janice Long “He’s got an amazing voice” 

BBC Radio 2 Paul Jones “What a great album” 

BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine “Really good” 

BBC Radio 2 Good Morning Sunday “Let Me Be The One’ is quite, quite, beautiful” 

BBC Radio 2 Bob Harris “Doesn’t it sound great” 

BBC Radio 2/6Music Craig Charles “I’m so glad this album has seen the light of day, I’ve been playing this a lot”

BBC Radio Ulster Ralph McLean “More than a touch of vintage Steve Winwood about that track, I like it a lot. Great modern soul voice. The album is superb” 

BBC RADIO 2 “ALBUM OF THE WEEK” week commencing 22nd August

BBC RADIO 2 “RECORD OF THE WEEK” “A.S.A.P” single – week commencing 12th December

BBC RADIO 2 “A.S.A.P.” single A LISTED on playlist week commencing 9th January